Private Parties
at the Wine Bar
We host many private parties at Le Petit Vendome. The latest craze is the "brown bag" party where all the wines are covered up by a brown bag so that you are not influenced by price, producer, or varietal. Each guest then receives a score card describing each of the wines being tasted and is asked to identify each wine. The winner goes home with a prize. At one such party recently, the only winner was a woman who never drinks wine!

Great for all Kinds of Events:

      - Birthdays
      - Corporate Gatherings
      - Wedding Showers
      - Anniversaries
      - Non-Profit Fundraisers
      - Private Wine Tastings

Sum up all the delights this world doth produce,
The darling allurements now chiefly in use.
You'll find, if compared, there's none can contend.
With the solid enjoyments of bottle and friend.

                                    Old Drinking Song

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We do more than simply sell wine.

We provide an experience.
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